Africa Football for Development Network

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Africa Football for Development Network aims to create is the largest network of grassroots football communities across the continent. Our mission is to develop communities across Africa by bringing together football stakeholders, primarily academies and clubs, to facilitate value-creating interactions through knowledge-sharing, innovation and technology.

Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of football for the African continent. We believe that through investment in quality education, better governance and sustainable infrastructure, we can improve the quality of opportunities available to young people on the continent and beyond. We aim the drive a new era of development, growth and sustainability in the football industry.

We believe a lack of management capacity has stifled African football’s growth, depriving many talented footballers of opportunities and rendering a huge number of African youth unemployed. With this in mind that we are enlisting your help to help build a better foundation for the future of African football. Join the movement.

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