JEYAMA Football Academy

Accra | Ghana

In their quest to nurture tomorrow’s Ghanaian football stars, JEYAMA Football Academy’s objective is to support their student-player on every aspect of their education and learning curve with coaching and training programmes.

Our goal is to develop student-players to become advocates of the desired game and make genuine efforts to demonstrate respect, integrity, teamwork and fun every day.

STRATEGY – We guide student-players through an education and learning process based on best-practice methods that uphold the six critical areas of performance for becoming a professional football player.

MISSION – To become the number one football Academy in Ghana that empowers student-players and their communities to move ahead with a pathway for the betterment of life standards.

VISION – To be a financial self-sustainable football academy creating economic opportunities with consistent top on-field performance.



  • Academy Culture: We respect parents, fans, sponsors and opponents by demonstrating fair play and in keeping the football field free of politics and religion.
  • Integrity: Our leadership team leads by example in upholding integrity and ethical standards.
  • Trust: As student-player, we trust and value coach instructions and those of mentors and other professionals working with the JEYAMA Academy.
  • Leadership: Our continued leadership development-initiatives weave learning into the student-player coach relationship.
  • Due diligence: Our committed actions are in common-goals to safeguard our academy and student-player’s best interests.
  • Teamwork: We accept our difference and agree to work professionally towards achieving the best outcome for the student-player and their family.
  • Accountability: We ensure a competent way to handle various situations and conflicts with the aim to promote a professional JEYAMA image.


Dear student-players and parents, we give a warm welcome to new and returning student-players and parents.

We are very excited that you have chosen to join the JEYAMA Football Academy and feel privileged and honoured to work with you on the journey to reach your child’s maximum potential as a player and person.

Developing our student-players is challenging and demanding to achieve that critical child’s success factor in football and beyond. For this reason, we have developed this Student-Player and Family handbook that provides useful information as it lays out our guidelines, procedures, routines, and systems for a highly safe and successful football academy environment.

Please use the information in this handbook as a resource throughout the year. For any questions or queries about this guide or the academy, please contact us.



  • All players receive individual treatment, mentoring, advice and follow-up.
  • Once a week, our trainer organises different activities such as physical training to develop stamina and resistance, or a personalised session of collective techniques and an assessment.
  • The student-player may also receive specialised training, coaching, and specific workshops from professional footballers (or former players).


  • Professional clubs will regularly visit some training sessions or view videos of the player online.
  • We may offer the opportunity to trial with a professional club or organise a football development tour at a professional club for the player to get identified by a player scout.
  • Regular discussions take place to guide our student-player step by step to give student-players best possible chances in becoming a professional football player.


  • Players are scouted during specific oriented activities such as training sessions, tournaments or matches.
  • Pre-engagements trials may be set by the JEYAMA academy with a professional club. The JEYAMA academy will follow-up and make adequate arrangements on behalf of the player to qualify the best possible conditions with the club in view for starting their professional football career.


  • 1.5 hours training for 11-12 years old – three days a week between 4pm and 5:30pm
  • 2 hours training for 13-15 years old – three days a week between 4pm and 6pm.
  • 2 hours training for 16-18 years old – four days a week between 4pm and 6pm.

JEYAMA Football Academy training facilities are located around Accra – main meeting point is  150 New Aplaku road, Block Factory, Aplaku-Accra


  • All players are invited to participate in friendly matches and tournaments organised by the academy coaches.
  • The Academy coordinator may propose special afternoons with barbecue or evening entertainment programmes.
  • For away matches, our players are transported with our team (minibus, car).
  • For academy events, all student-players should assist in making the event unique.


  • Resting and healing is the key success to our football programme.
  • Our staff promote this lifestyle needed for the player to be healthy to perform their best.
  • Players should immediately report to their team coach if they feel ill, are overtired or have an unreported injury.


If injured during the year, the player will continue to the end of the year with his lectures, unless the players’ parents requested a different decision in agreement with student-player themselves.

Jeffries Quaye: Head Coach / Technical Director / Organisational Leadership

Yao Kpodoh: Head Recruiter and Academy Scout / Operational Leadership

Marcus Deiss:  Head of Programme and Education / Strategic Leadership / Business Development / Branding


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