The Football Foundation for Africa
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Who we are

The Football Foundation for Africa is social enterprise seeking to drive investment into the development of grassroots football in Africa. Our ultimate goal is to create employment opportunities while at the same time enhancing the employability of the youth in Africa. Working with different stakeholders we aim to protect the foundation of African football, that is, the talent and passion, through advocacy for better governance of the beautiful game at all levels. We want to see Africa compete equally at the world stage by embracing all-round professionalism.


Build a sustainable foundation for the future of African football.


  • Mobilise resources to for the development of grassroots football through investment in education and infrastructure.
  • Conduct football business education to build capacity for better management of the sport in Africa.
  • Advocate for ethical management and development of football in Africa.

SDG Logo


 Good health and well-being


Our mission is to improve the standards of football in Africa through investment in sustainable sports infrastructure and quality education at the grassroots level.

Our Values


We seek to establish high standards of integrity in pursuing our mission. This means having highly motivated and thoughtful teams and partners/stakeholders with a strong bias for action, clear on our objectives, with strong leadership and sufficient member resources and the right mix of skills and effort.


Establishing commitment at all levels of our organisation in order to carry out our purpose. We strive to create a sense of ownership for all our stakeholders and partners ensuring they appreciate the benefits of being part of the organisation and beneficiaries of the game of football.


Football is about enjoyment. While seeking to develop the sport and the ecosystem around it, the FFA will endeavour to make sure that players and fans continue to enjoy the beautiful game. We also aim to increase participation across demographics. Inclusivity is at the heart of our operations.


The organisational environment is characterised compelling direction that energizes, orients and engages its members. We also seek to build a strong structure that supports diversity in knowledge, views, and perspectives, as well as in age, gender and race, thus fostering creativity. Lastly, a shared mindset and shared leadership will be key in delivering on our mission.

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A shared mindset and shared leadership