Mathare North Rangers F.C

Nairobi | Kenya


The club was established in the year 2010, and it was called Rangers F.C even though it didn’t have any links with the Rangers F.C in the United Kingdom or Posta Rangers in Kenya.

The team was founded by a group of friends coming together to play football for fun especially over the weekends and they  participated in MYSA ( Mathare North zonal league.

The team lacked a lot things from uniforms, footballs, leadership, motivation and talented players. This was expected because their major goal was to play for fun and keep fit.

Early in 2011 the three founders of Ranger F.C in Mathare North approached Wilson Masaka (Founder of Wilsen Initiative/ and ) with a proposal to steer the team as the team manager having considered his many valuable experiences working with the youth, community development and vast exposure in the local and international arena having played in the Norway cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999 respectively. More about Wilson

At first Wilson couldn’t just say yes, because he didn’t want to do something that only him had the passion, so he was hesitant to repeat past experiences whereby he helped a group of youth establish a football club which later was misguided by the passion of some of the youth of ‘get rich quick’ mentality or the WTRM (What’s There For Me) attitude expecting everything from one person while contributing nothing.

After many persuasion and assurance (by Kennedy aka Onyi, Samwel aka Kimesh and Kamuzi Banda) Wilson could see a new dawn in generational change in youth who were seeking guidance, very passionate and ready to cooperate in seeing their team grow by actively participating in administrative issues of the club and that’s exactly what Wilson was looking for in a team.

When Wilson joined hands with the three founders the first thing on the plate was to re-brand the team and to give the team unique visibility.

Some of the new ideas brought by Wilson and the team are;

– Ranger F.C changed its name to Mathare North Rangers F.C (MNR) tagline Inspiring Champions…

– The team bought one set of uniform (18 jerseys ) which are all printed the name of the team.

– Mr. Paul friend of Wilson donated one set of uniform (18 jerseys).
– We have at least seven footballs of good quality donated by Wilson.
– Arrival of new uniform from Germany donated by Hermann Hermann Schlenker  who is a friend to Wilson.

– Wilson donated 10 new soccer balls

A part from the material gains we have a great match of skills and talents within the team and everyone is working together in making small contributions when it’s required.

Having mentioned all these, the team still needs more support to help us reach our vision and run the club professionally especially in our sports outreach program to engage the youth even further and link them with opportunities.

So if you have an idea or  you would like us to do an exchange program with your team or organisation.

Kindly write to
Mathare North Rangers F.C (MNR)

Our Goals

Mathare North Rangers F.C (MNR) is a project of Wilsen Initiative (Wi) under connect / inspire program that nurture’s youth talents in soccer.

It is a community club with the following goals:-

1. We nvisage traversing our country by playing friendly matches and tournaments that will foster understanding of cultural diversity and peace building in Kenya.

2 . We use soccer to help the youth explore more about their country and communities while learning about why they should embrace diversity in cultures, tribes and trends around. By doing so we shall be contributing to the national fabric of peaceful cohesion of people.

3. We also envisage to play in the top league of the Kenya Premier League (KPL) and we would like to connect the youths with opportunities in soccer around and beyond

4. We manage and expose youths talents while urging them to acquire new skills and opportunities through use of soccer

Team Officials; 2020

1. Head coach Over 16 and junior teams : – Omore
2. Team Manager and Resource Mobilizer: -Wilson Masaka
3. Assistant coach & Resource mobilizer : -Thomas Abungu
4. Assistant resources mobilizers

– Edwin Kipkoech.

– Kamuzi Banda

– George Kamau (Male)

– Felix Ochieng

– Kennedy Onyango

Currently we have junior team U10, U12, U14 and seniors over 16 years.

– We are open for friendily matches and to featured in tournament that will add value to us.

– Played in annual zonal MYSA league since our club was formed in 2010.

– We have junior team of the age of U10, U12, and U14.

– Winner of the annual Mathare North Festive Season Soccer Tournament that is orgnanised by Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

– Acquired soccer balls, uniforms and soccer shoes (boots). This is an ongoing campaign by Wilsen Initiative (Wi) inspired by


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